Friday, April 4, 2014


may u have all tht u ever wanted Amerrul Idham.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


well hello readers ( im not gonna say sorry for not updating ).good news,i got a new project on developing apps for Applestore,frickin' excited,at last,i know a place where i sell this idea of mine.didnt really realize tht i can sell an idea,not until this morning.basically,im gonna develop either games,apps or pretty much anything for a smartphone.big steps,yes but worth a try.not gonna cost much,MYR500 for a 5 day without fail attendance,not a problemo.imagine : $0.99 per app times 10000 downloads,do the math ppl. invest a little,get more grands.

the most important is,the knowledge.i got the chance to absorb as many knowledge as i can.that is beyond words.later newb,gotta do some planning.see ya.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


how would u like ur sirloin steak to be? rare,medium well,well done? ur choice will be executed by chef.using tht greasy tongs and any other equipment but what are our tools on preparing ourself in a battle of our life? none? or u didnt found one yet? dont worry,we all have tht kind of last minute preparations.but me,i have none,i just let them pass if anyone wanna pick up a fight with me,yes i fight back,sometimes but i know when to stay the fuck outta tht battle tht i cant win.its obvious,u just need to step,u will not lose everythg in tht battle,u gonna learn somethg tht will make u well prepared for the next one.its not about winning,its about learning.some saying goes 'u may win the battle but u lose the fight'.i just gotta salvage what is left in me,in order for me to stay alive.

Monday, March 4, 2013

`daily activities of a teenage girl.

im trying to survive,using any kind of methods that would be useful,in much more appropriate ways.obviously trying to survive is hard,everyone knows that,but yet we still forgets what is vital : BLESSINGS. from God then our parents and from person that loves us.with that,u can confront any struggles in life,that is what i have learnt :)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

an attempt on mending a broken heart.

oi,first of all,do not assume that im a lovey-dovey kind of woman based on what u've read on the title.hahaha.this is AN ATTEMPT,learn the word.

i got submitted into new college this season,man,its not that hard on submitting myself but to retain the performance it is.this college means something to me,it reminded me of home,where people care less about u,minding their own business (its not that my family didnt care of me at all,i mean when im bz n needed my space),they stay beyond the line of not caring about people business,thats what im looking for in college life.

im taking Diploma in Graphic Design,the one that i dream of at Cosmopoint Kuantan (fell free to say hi if u bump into me,IF,haha).most of the college students aged 20 below so i think i shudn't have problems on blending,they just wanna enjoy themselves,me give probably ZERO fuck bout them.

the story is i flunked my past college,not knowing that im not suitable for some mathematical problem,i keep on continuing till there comes a time that i said to myself that i shud not taking something that is not in my specialties,which is pretty clear : MATHEMATIC.i have no intention to sacrifice myself in algrebraic battle of death.

so here i am,keep on chasing my dream,mending a broken heart from past frustration,striving for something u know my stories,a little bit about me,let the world know that things wont go exactly as we are expecting.until next time folks :D

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

thoughtful thoughts

thoughts,ideas,doubts,all this thgs surely we do have,but have u ever had thoughts on what u have done to ur life recently?wondering bout what have u done to urself for the past 23 years? (depends on how old are you).yeah i now there is some minority out there tht was like 'to be old and wise,first u have to be young and stupid'.thats not gonna work if u just did something tht u'll regret for the rest of your life,if u still alive la if u know what i mean. dont be like that peeps,nvr gonna work.

do u know why people age at 60 above called as 'golden age' or in Malay they say 'warga emas'?keep in ur mind like this : infant is 'bronze,teenage is 'silver',old people is 'gold'. im sure all of u not an idiot.enlighten urself .till next time.


Thursday, January 17, 2013

daft punked my ears.

while i was cleaning up the mess on my pc,turns out to be i have 10.7gb of songs!! idk if it breeds,thats a lot of songs,for my personal records la.haha. scrolling all way down then i clicked on Daft Punk - Something About Us and there it goes,down to memory lane.

i listen to this song when i fall in love with someone named E and yes it is beautiful to fall in love again but im not gonna tell u much about what happened between me and him. i just wanna talk about the beauty of this song.

dont want to talk goes the vd,enjoice :

u shud be in your own tunnel of time,wandering recklessly while listening to shit.